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Vocal Mastery ebook

As a thank you for joining Dreamquest Singing Academy you'll receive a 135 page ebook 'Vocal Mastery - Master Singers and Teachers Reveal Their Greatest Secrets'.

This book is of benefit to both classical and contemporary singers. Definitely some eye opening information here!

Absolute Singing Mastery - relative pitch CD (mp3 download)

The most crucial aspect of being a good singer is the ability to sing in key. It's also one of the biggest concers that novice singers have.

This CD develops your relative pitch to improve your singing, help you learn songs and melodies faster and enhance your songwriting and improvisation skills - all for free!

Absolute Singing Mastery Lesson FAQs

CLICK on the icon above to download this comprehensive report of FAQs and answers about developing your talent with Absolute Singing Mastery.

Includes information on how to maximise your learning experience, how to save money on lessons, discovering performing opportunities, reducing stagefright and much more.

Absolute Singing Mastery

1. Save money on your lessons!

We strongly recommend that you enrol in a term of 4 lessons if you wish to progress to the best of your ability.


Attending regulary on a weekly basis is also the best option cost wise, as casual lessons are charged at a higher rate. Lesson costs are detailed on the enrolement forms. Please click to download


Melbourne enrolment form


Central Coast enrolment form

2. Pick up the phone and call

      0425 834 528 Melbourne VIC

      (02) 4305 0883 Central Coast NSW.

      We'll have a friendly chat with you about your musical background, the style of music you listen to and the goals and dreams you have as a singer.

      If you are under the age of 18 we will need to speak to a parent or legal guardian.

      Download your Absolute Singing Mastery student guide.pdf

3. Ready to start your lessons?



Please remember to bring;

  • Payment for your lessons and syllabus

      • An iPod/iPhone or recording device to record your lesson

      • A backing (karaoke) track or sheet
        music to a song of your choice

      • An open mind to learn to the best of your ability!


Student Syllabus

Absolute Singing Mastery eBook + 2 accompanying mp3 CDs $49.90 (available for download)

Absolute Singing Mastery ebook

(NEW 2nd edition, fully revised and updated)

This ebook of over 170 PAGES jam-packed with HINTS, detailed singing DIAGRAMS, FUN vocal exercises and explanations and in-depth VOICE IMPROVEMENT STRATEGIES.

Inside this book are the secrets that every singer wishes to know... on how to understand, improve and master your singing instrument.

Absolute Singing Mastery CD

This CD contains over one hour of specially selected vocalises. These fundamental singing exercises with piano accompaniment have been created to strengthen, develop improve all aspects of your singing.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this CD is for singers of all ages, all singing styles and both male and female voices. Your commitment to this program can improve your voice and set you on the path to realizing your goals.

BodySense CD

This is the most exciting education product ever developed to help singers. Through the application of BodySense you can sharpen your 'proprioceptive' sense, freeing yourself from excess tension and patterns of body misuse.

This non-strenuous, non-impact routine will show you how to reach the pinnacle of your vocal potential, replacing vocal uncertainty with vocal certainty, giving you an unfair advantage in singing auditions and helping you to conquer stage fright.

Some important information...

    Due to the popularity of our classes, only limited vacancies are available and waiting periods may apply at certain times. Please be assured that if you put your name down on the waiting list we will contact you the moment a suitable vacancy arises.

Our students are noted for their courtesty. A minimum of 48 hours is required to reschedule lessons (with the exception of sudden illness or emergency). Full lesson fee is payable if less than 48 hours notice is not given.

For celebrity and other clients anonymity is assured as we do not release students names for publicly or promotional purposes unless with express permission.

All students must sign an enrolment form before the commencement of any lessons. If you are under the age of 18 a parent or legal guardian must sign this form. Please click on the link above to download your enrolment form and fill out before your first lesson.


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