The Absolute Singing Mastery program

by Melissiah, International Vocal Coach, ATCL, Grad Dip Music
Creator of the Absolute Singing Mastery program and BodySense for Singers


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Have you ever listened to a singer who has an exceptional talent and said to yourself ‘I wish I could sing like that?’

Absolute Singing Mastery enables you to replicate the skill of singing via the highest level of accelerated learning.

The skill of singing can be broken down into a number of smaller skill chunks - how to sing in key, how to sing a high note powerfully, how to sing with a beautiful tone, and so on. These smaller skill chunks can be assimilated quickly and easily, allowing you to boost your confidence and move towards unconscious competence as a singer.

Central to this process of accelerated learning is knowing your specific goal or outcome – what do you really want to achieve as a singer? Do you just want to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in tune at the next family gathering or do you have dreams of stardom?

Perhaps it’s something you’ve never thought about much but harnessing the power of your imagination is the very first step in manifesting your musical dreams.

As you read on, you will find out how Absolute Singing Mastery can help you unravel the fascinating mysteries of your mind and body – your singing instrument. And whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate student or a seasoned professional, you're sure to benefit from what you're about to learn.


Did you know your voice is unique?

Your voice is unique just like a snowflake. There never has been a voice quite like yours and there never will be ever again.

Apart from being unique, your body is also designed as a singing instrument. Speaking is actually a compromise of your instrument, as when you speak you only use a small portion of the muscles that are involved in the production of your singing voice!

Understandably, most beginners are relieved when they find out that singing – just like speaking - is a learnt skill.

What singing exercises does Absolute Singing Mastery use?

Rather than placing importance on the actual singing exercises themselves, Absolute Singing Mastery places importance on the way in which vocal exercises - vocalises - are sung.

This concept has interesting ramifications for learning new, more resourceful habits and achieving better results.

Over time, increasing awareness of the process of singing enables you to perceive finer and finer levels of sensory acuity allowing you to be more responsive to feedback. This will allow you to become aware of and be able to modify any unresourceful or inefficient singing habits. Ultimately, when the process of singing is right, the end result or outcome will take care of itself.


How does Absolute Singing Mastery compare to other methods?

There is only good singing and not-so-good singing. Conversely singing must be free from any method!

Many singing methods are fixated on one concept such as 'singing through the mask', 'keeping the larynx in the speech position' or 'breath support'. Such reductionist methods arise from teachers who suffered a particular voice problem during their training and then assume that all singers experience the same problem and need 'fixing'.

Absolute Singing Mastery helps facilitate the understanding that singing is built upon primal sound - the sounds you uttered before you learnt how to talk - and that you probably still make on a daily basis.

Think about the last time you ate something really delicious - Mmmmm! Or how about the sound you made when you sat down on the couch after a hard days work - Ahhhhhhhhh! The vast majority of people produce primal sounds with emotion and ease which is the perfect starting block for training the singing voice.

And remember - you learn technique so you can eventually forget it!


Do you teach good posture?

It may surprise you to know that the concept of 'good posture' along with the concepts of 'concentration' and 'trying' are outdated – they do not assist learning and can actually have a detrimental effect on assimilating the skill of singing.

Absolute Singing Mastery will introduce to you three superior concepts to ensure you stay motivated to make rapid progress at your peak level. One of these concepts refers to your' 6th sense'- the position of your body in space and the degree of tension and relaxation in individual muscles.

Using this concept of the 6th sense, BodySense - Breakthrough Precision Training for Singers - will demonstrate how to get a maximum result from your singing instrument with minimum effort. BodySense is similar to the Alexander technique which is used by the world’s top athletes, musicians and actors to improve their skill.

The majority of singers also find BodySense gives the added benefit of reducing or eliminating stage-fright.


Measuring Your Progress

When it comes to your music education, it’s obvious that value for money is of prime importance. So how can you tell if you are progressing in the best and quickest way possible?

Quick and easy progress measurement is an integral aspect of Absolute Singing Mastery, allowing you to gauge the exciting changes with your voice that you experience over time.


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Testimonials - click on the play button to hear our students

Singing Success Story #1

"Absolute Singing Mastery* has given me the vision of fulfilling all my dreams and being able to practise every week, feel good, confident . . . it's not just vocalises - it's an entertainment, it's the culture. The whole ambience gives you the best feel and that you can be anything you want to be."

Canadian singer & recording artist

Singing Success Story #2

...I was definitely thrilled upon the first listening of Absolute Singing Mastery to hear the correlation of my singing journey, especially the past 8 years, and what Melissiah is sharing in her teaching. Working with Absolute Singing Mastery has definitely opened up my voice/singing 100% just in the past three months...

Jane Bakken
USA singer, poet and recording artist

Singing Success Story #3
"Since learning at Dreamquest I feel my voice has improved 100%. I always feel fantastic after I leave a lesson and it just goes to show that you're never too old to start - I'm actually nearly fifty although I wish I'd met Melissiah when I was five."

Scottish cabaret artist

Singing Success Story #4
"Absolute Singing Mastery is the best thing to happen to my singing career. These days I have reached what I thought was impossible - for me to sing and people not cringe.

Easily the best singing program hands down!"

Mick O'War
Lead singer for metal band Knightmare

Singing Success Story #5

"Absolute Singing Mastery* has done more than just help me with my singing. There's just been so many handy little techniques passed on to me and it's a genuine interest in my singing that I value. The positive approach and that genuine feeling that I get transferred to me leaves me with an expanded inner self and I think that leads to a person feeling a lot more worthwhile about themselves - it certainly has in my case."

Melbourne wedding and function singer

Singing Success Story #6
"Absolute Singing Mastery is an amazing program for all singers, no matter what level of singing they are up to.

Melissiah's knowledge of music and the way the body works is both astounding and incredible.For myself being a singer has been a bumpy road but thanks to Melissiah's help and understanding my own improvement and confidence have sky rocketed and still keep going up.

Good teachers are very hard to find so having Melissiah to guide and teach me has been something i'll never forget and want others to enjoy.

I invite everybody who wants more confidence in singing and life and knowledge to read this book, I trust you will enjoy it as much or maybe even more so than I have.

Thank you Melissiah"

Michael Linehan
Australia's Got Talent Finalist

Singing Success Story #7

"Dreamquest beats other singing schools hands down, or tonsils down in their case."

Sally - Queensland musical theatre performer and Operatunity finalist

Singing Success Story #8

"As a self-taught singer, Absolute Singing Mastery along with regular lessons with Melissiah has taught me that I have more control than I think, and I can eradicate my bad habits. I’m not going to be a good singer, I’m going to be an AMAZING singer!

Jessica Lynn - Lead singer Fenian

Singing Success Story #9

"I love Absolute Singing Mastery* because before I came to lessons I thought I could maybe just hold a tune, but now I can actually sing and it's been interesting to see the developments in my voice."

Cindy - Melbourne club performer

Singing Success Story #10
"Absolute Singing Mastery has shown me that singing is about understanding how your body works and working with it'.

James Munro - guitarist and songwriter Septerrus

Singing Success Story #11

"Just like other professional singers I also need to improve and maintain my voice. Melissiah helped me so much with those needs. She is the best teacher I ever had and she certainly knows what she's teaching."

June - Filipina performer & recording artist, now fully certified Absolute Singing Mastery coach.

Singing Success Story #12
Absolute Singing Mastery has definitely been an eye-opening experience. I never knew there were so many aspects to your voice that can be helped by this program. By being in touch with your body and understanding how it works, you can train with greater knowledge leading to more effective results...

Rhys Gregory - Australia


*Please note; Due to trademark considerations Dreamquest has altered the name 'VoicePower' to 'Absolute Singing Mastery'. Student testimonials that were recorded prior to this alteration may contain the term 'VoicePower'.

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