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Welcome to the Dreamquest team! We are an Australian business established in 2001.

At Dreamquest Singing Academy we teach students how to sing correctly, powerfully and beautifully with our revolutionary Absolute Singing Mastery program. Our popularity is based on our desire to help singers of all ages, styles and genres achieve their dreams.

We understand that singers want access to accurte and relevant information about their voice, music careers and general industry advice.

When you enrol in our school you will embark on an incredible journey and discover that you are 'born to sing'. It's lots of fun too!

Sponsorship of endangered species - African Elephant
At Dreamquest we also believe that our voices can help those without a voice. We sponsor an orphaned baby African Elephant 'Shukuru' through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Africa. Due to the poaching crisis that results in one elephant being killed every 15 minutes for its ivory, elephants are predicted to be extinct in the wild by 2025 unless we make a concerted effort to save them.The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

Sponsorship of endangered species - Snow Leopard
Dreamquest also sponsor a Snow Leopard through Zoos Victoria, a not for profit organization dedicated to fighting wildlife extinction. The endangered Snow Leopard lives high in the mountainous regions of Asia. These beautiful animals are poached for their luxurious white fur and body parts, which are used in traditional Chinese medicines. In addition, mining and farming is impacting the Snow Leopard's habitat. There are estimated to be as few as 4,000 Snow Leopards left in the wild. Zoos Victoria, through Melbourne Zoo is a part of a captive breeding program to ensure that these majestic big cats survive.



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Voice Teachers and Singing Tips/Articles

http://www.vocalist.org.uk Vocalist the singers resource contains free online singing lessons, learn to sing with articles on voice / auditions / performing or working in the music industry. Includes articles for singing teachers and students of voice of all ages, standards and styles. Browse the site to find useful information on aspects of voice, singing, performance, plus free online singing lessons and voice training articles for vocalists related to singing and getting into the music industry.

http://www.vocalist.org An international mailing list for singers and singing teachers. Very comprehensive site featuring numerous articles, singing exercises, tips, downloads and links to other sites.

http://www.briangilbertson.com.au/sing_tip.htm Australian site featuring wonderful weekly singing tips from Brian Gilbertson.

The person behind the voice school of singing. GIL MAGNO - vocal coach and personal development consultant based in Coconut Grove Florida. Monthly newsletters.

Singing Tips and Instruction from Historical Singers. Have you ever realised how much singing instruction you could gain by listening to historical singers, especially from those first 60 years of recordings?

http://www.alexandertechniqueconsultants.com Alexander Technique is a health education technique that teaches how coordination of body and mind can lead to dramatic improvement in health, posture and performance.

Australian Society of Teachers of Alexander technique. Emma Kirkby, Singer One of the world's finest sopranos, she has studied and benefited from the Alexander Technique: "I find it invaluable on and off the platform."

http://www.alexander-technique-sydney.com.au Alexander Technique teacher Mark Bennie offers lessons in Sydney. http://www.alexanderschool.edu.au/voice_work.htm Other Alexander technique sites.




Recording Connection: a music industry talent placement service with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major recording studios, record labels, radio and TV stations, film studios and video production companies

TAXI: The Independent A&R Vehicle: connecting unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers, and film & TV music supervisors.

Audio Recording Centre
Good sound advice for the independent music maker. Includes helpful articles, a well organized Links section, and other useful resources.

Entertainment Jobs In Film Production And Television Production
Filmstaff.com is where people go for entertainment jobs. Thousands of producers use our searchable database to find their crew. Hundreds of paying jobs each week. Do you take your entertainment career seriously? We do.

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